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Tedd Thomas

Tedd Thomas was feeling ill last week but is said to be improving.

Received: December 9, 2023

Elsie Thomas (Elizabeth & Robert Earls granddaughter)

Prayers requested for Elsie Thomas as she is having severe abdominal pain and has an appointment later this month.

Received: December 9, 2023

Clara Boyett Hassen

Prayers for Clara and family as everyone but the baby are not feeling well.

Received: December 9, 2023

Steve Mays (Margie's son))

Prayers for Steve Mays as he will be having an arteriogram for blockages & blockage in his leg.

Received: December 9, 2023

Bro. Larry Huffman

Prayers for Bro. Larry Huffman as he has some pending health issues.

Received: December 6, 2023

Bo Clark (Melissa Morton's dad)

Continued prayers for Bo Clark as his hip replacement surgery may have to be rescheduled because his legs are swollen due to an infection from another procedure.


Bo Clarks surgery was done on Dec. 1st & he is in pain but doing ok & was expected to go home Thursday or Friday.

Received: December 1, 2023

Mattie Smith

Prayers for Mattie Smith as she fell after passing out over the Thanksgiving holidays. She went to her Doctor on 11/30 and is awaiting more testing.


Continued prayers for Mattie as she is in pain and thinks that she may have fractured or broken her hip when she fell over the Thanksgiving Holidays.

Received: December 1, 2023

Linda Weaver

Prayers for Linda Weaver as she has been sick & she also fell & is waiting to get an MRI done.


Continued prayers for Linda Weaver, she is now scheduled to have her MRI done on 12/12/23.

Received: December 1, 2023

Carl Vinson (Angela Boyett's dad)

Continued prayers for Carl Vinson as he is scheduled to begin radiation in January for prostate.

Received: December 1, 2023

Delinda Gibbs Walker

Continued prayers for Delinda Gibbs Walker as she had surgery to remove her thyroid; cancer has been confirmed.

Received: December 1, 2023

Hudson Thomas

Continued prayers for Hudson Thomas as he is to have more surgery.


Continued prayers for Hudson Thomas; his surgery went well.

Received: December 1, 2023

Lynn Wyble (Lee Pinders sister)

Continued prayers for Lynn Wyble as more tests were scheduled on Thursday 11/30.


Continued prayers for Lynn Wyble, her tests went well.

Received: December 1, 2023

Jarod Williamson (Bro. Larry's cousin)

Prayers for Jarod Williamson as he cut his hand which may require surgery which will delay his back surgery.

Praise Report

The Doctor was able to repair Jarod's hand under general anesthetics which will not interfere with his back surgery.

Received: December 1, 2023

Marilyn Ratcliff

Prayers for Marilyn Ratcliff who fell & broke her ankle & bones in her foot.


Marilyn is now said to be improving.

Received: December 1, 2023

Faye & Ronda Henry

Prayers for Faye & Ronda Henry, Ronda said they aren't feeling well.

Received: November 25, 2023

Danny Brooks

Prayers requested for Danny Brooks.

Received: November 11, 2023

Larry Freeman

Prayers for Larry Freeman, Larry will be having surgery at M.D. Anderson in Houston on November 15th.


Larry is scheduled for more tests, but doctor doesn't think he has cancer.

Received: November 1, 2023

Marla K. (Melissa Morton's cousin)

Prayers for Marla K. as her second round of chemo treatments have begun.

Received: October 27, 2023

Fred Tynns (Bro. Larry's neighbor)

Prayers requested for Fred Tynns as his pancreas has shut down & his medication is $2000 / month.


Continued prayers for Fred Tynns and also for his wives salvation.

Received: October 27, 2023

Nation of Israel

Prayers for the Nation of Israel, God's chosen people as they battle against the forces of evil around them.

Received: October 13, 2023

Nursing Home Residents

Prayers for the residents of the Nursing Homes in our area.

Received: October 13, 2023

Charles Norwood

Continued prayers for Charles Norwood as he continues his cancer treatments.

Received: September 16, 2023

Cindy Duckworth

Prayers requested for Cindy Duckworth who suffered an aneurysm. (submitted by Julie Scheibe)


Cindy will be having surgery on September 21st.

Received: September 16, 2023

Lisa Armstrong

Continued prayers for Lisa Armstrong who suffered a stroke and PET scan results show nodules in her lungs and a mass in her liver.

Received: September 15, 2023

Debbie McClure (Sharon Millers Cousin)

Continued prayers for Debbie McClure whose cancer has metastasized & broke her shoulder in three places. She now has a room at Baylor hospital in Dallas.

Received: September 15, 2023

Marilyn & Danny Massey

Requesting prayers for Marilyn & Danny Massey as Marilyn is having mobility issues and for Danny as he is her caregiver.

Received: July 28, 2023

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