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Mattie Smith

Praise report from Mattie's Eye Doctor, Mattie said her eyes were much improved and that she didn't have to go for a followup for six months.

Received: May 17, 2019

Robert Earl Thomas

Praise report from Elizabeth, the Doctor said that Robert Earls eyes are healthy and that his left eye has healed and much improved.

Received: May 17, 2019

Harlan & Neva Alexander

Your continued prayers for Harlan & Neva Alexander are needed. Neva has had her treatment and Harlan is scheduled for surgery on Monday.

Received: May 17, 2019

Ralph Guillory

Continued prayers for Ed's Dad Ralph, Ed said that half of his spinal injections have failed & more are scheduled.

Received: May 17, 2019

Rosa Gonzales

Prayers for safe travel for Rosa, Mondo and family as they prepare for upcoming travels.

Received: May 17, 2019

Aaron Hupp


Praise report, Aaron\'s Bell\'s palsy symptoms are gone and he is much improved.

Received: May 17, 2019

Mark Woodell

Safe travel prayers for Bonnie's Son Mark as he travels to and from Arkansas.

Received: May 17, 2019

Dot Scheibe

Praise report, Dot received a good report from her Doctor on Wednesday.

Received: May 17, 2019

Earl Watson

Prayers for the Family of Earl Watson.

Received: May 17, 2019

Jalia Franklin

Prayers for the Family of Jalia Franklin who died on Mother's Day.

Received: May 17, 2019

Larry Freeman

Pray for Larry as he is scheduled to have knee surgery on June 4th or 5th.

Received: May 17, 2019

Dan Smith

Praise report from Mattie that her Son Dan is traveling home to retire.

Received: May 17, 2019

Mike Parker


Continue to lift Mike Parker up in your prayers as he is back in St. Elizabeth Hospital.

Received: May 17, 2019

Mike Parker / Melody Parker


Mike has been transferred to Pinehurst Nursing Home in Orange and is in the same room as Melody.

Received: May 10, 2019

Dillon Horn

Prayers for a job.

Received: May 10, 2019

Lee Pinder

Praise report, Lee's eye pressures are down and no need for surgery at this time.

Received: May 10, 2019

Susan McBride

Susan McBride is reported to be doing better.

Received: May 10, 2019

Glenda (Due) Dickerson

Glenda Dickerson is reported to be improving.

Received: May 10, 2019

Don Hines (Dale's Bro.)

**Update** Don Hines begins radiation treatments in mid June.

Received: May 10, 2019

Pete McGuire (Bro. John's Dad)

Prayers for Pete Mcguire, Bro. John's Dad fell on Wednesday evening at the nursing home.

Received: May 10, 2019

Ed Guillory's Sister

Praise report; Ed's Sister has moved and her job is going well.

Received: May 10, 2019

Angie & Jerry Clifton (Dales Daughter & SIL)

Travel prayers for Angie & Jerry as they travel and prayers for a safe journey home.

Received: May 10, 2019

Dub Langley

Continued prayers for Dub Langley.

Received: May 10, 2019

Rosa Lee Thau

Praise report; Rosa Thau is much improved.

Received: May 10, 2019

Connie Townsend

Lilly Wendt-Connie's Great Grand daughter

Received: May 9, 2019

Charles Boyett

Praise report, Charles is now back at his residence and happy to be home.

Received: May 3, 2019

Tanglewood Bapitst Church

Alma McCarthy passed away 4/30/2019

Received: April 30, 2019

John McGuire

Prayers for Pete McGuire my Father

Has a severe case of bronchitis

Received: April 30, 2019

Neal Stephenson

Prayers for strength and comfort for Neal Stephenson as he awaits a bone marrow donor to be found.

Received: April 25, 2019

Ruth Langley

Prayers for Ruth as she is suffering from foot problems.

Received: April 25, 2019

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